MAZ Nitro is about true fuel efficiency promoting combustion efficiency in engine to give you more power, more mileage and pay less for your fuel bills.

MAZ Nitro development started more than 10 years ago using nitro-based ingredients, that were components for rocket fuel to formulate into a chemical for fuel quality enhancement. The success leads to a patent in the US, and subsequently registered with EPA in the USA.

MAZ Nitro does not alter the physical and chemical properties of any fuel and is also non - metallic.

It consists of organic Nitro compounds combined with our proprietary ester and PEA (Polyether Amine). 

MAZ Nitro is the ONLY fuel performance additive in the World that combines BOTH Nitro-paraffins and PEA together. Using proprietary chemicals, we are able to stablize the high volatility of NP and yet retains its power boost features with PEA - the strongest & most effective complete fuel system cleaning agent.  

MAZ Nitro transforms the combustion efficiency of fuel in engine.

Video of Black Smoke Emissions (Before & After MAZ Nitro)

MAZ Nitro delivers significant benefits in more power, more mileage, cleaner engine and lesser emissions. The power surge can be felt behind the steering wheels upon stepping on the accelerator slightly. Driving high performance cars especially need high-powered nitro fuel.

MAZ Nitro is also available for Gasoline, Diesel, Bio-Diesel and Marine Bunkers.

MAZ Nitro GX - For Gasoline/Petrol Use
MAZ Nitro DX - For Diesel Use

Please kindly contact us if you wish to use our product in other type of fuels.