Princeton Polymer Lab has confirmed that in view of the low concentrate of use, coupled with the fact that MAZ Nitro comprises of organic hydrocarbons, and the absence of any metals, it presents no harm to internal combustion engines.


In addition, MAZ Nitro has been extensively studied by many leading institutions and fleet operators showing that not only MAZ Nitro poses no harm to engine, it actually benefits the engine by lengthening the operating life of the engine.


Multi-National No Harm Effects Studies

  1.               Australia, BHP Bilton Mitsubishi Alliance
  2. China, People’s Liberation Army

  3. China, National Passenger Car Quality Supervision & Inspection Centre

  4. China, Changchun Automotive Testing Centre

  5. Hong Kong, SITC Marine Shipping

  6. Indonesia, Institute of Technology Bandung

  7. Thailand, Defense Research Institute

  8. USA, Princeton Polymer Laboratory