Rival-less Benefits

The awards-winning MAZ Nitro products not only save you money every time you refill your car, they also protect your car engine and avert premature deaths from toxic exhaust.

MAZ Nitro saves you money in two ways: firstly, you get more than 7% to 15% more mileage for the same refill. Secondly, you can change from RON 98 to RON 95 + MAZ Nitro without engine knocks and you save about 30c per liter after MAZ Nitro cost. If you use the same RON 98, MAZ can deliver up to 12% fuel savings, worth about 22c per liter after cost.

Importantly, MAZ Nitro boosts your engine power to increase your pickup speed, and helps you better enjoy your driving experience.

MAZ Nitro enhances the thermal efficiency so that your carbon buildup in engine is more completely removed. Cleaner engine means less car breakdowns.

Uniquely, MAZ Nitro, during combustion, generates a molecular protective film that covers up to 90% of the combustion chamber to reduce engine friction and heat loss in order to achieve higher mechanical efficiency.

The combined thermal and mechanical efficiencies enhance power boost and lower the maintenance cost for your car.


Highest Health Standard from Your Exhaust

Vehicles are known to emit PM2.5, which is toxic. Each year, more than 330,000 people died of premature deaths worldwide. MAZ Nitro reduces PM by up to 15% in lab tests.

In recent years, studies have shown that nanoparticles (>23nm) from exhaust are deadlier than PM2.5. These nano are more than 108 times smaller than PM2.5 enabling them to penetrate deeper in the blood stream and translocate beyond lung to other vital organs of the body. 

Alarmingly, modern engines using direct injection and turbo charge engines tend to emit more nanoparticles than soot.

The in-vehicle exhaust filter systems are not able to totally capture these nanoparticles allowing a significant portion to be emitted into the environment causing health damages to humans.

In a recent real world study conducted in Singapore, MAZ Nitro can reduce the nanoparticles up to 103 times below the Euro 6 PN regulations.

These scientifically proven reductions in nanoparticles show that MAZ Nitro achieves the highest health standard for vehicle exhaust, thus averting premature deaths. 


MAZ Technology

MAZ comprises of a patented formulation of high-energy nitroalkane concentrates that promotes robust combustion efficiency in engines.

It has pioneered the concept of “combustion detergency” which is highly effective in producing fast and high temperature burn that reduces soot in flame and simultaneously removes the carbon deposits in engines.


No-Harm Effects

MAZ is composed of organic hydrocarbon compounds similar to those in fuel enabling them to stably co-exist without causing any thermal stresses in engines.


Both lab and field tests have confirmed that MAZ not only poses no harm to engines, it also does not contaminate the operating life of engine oils.


No Waiver on Engine Warranty

When added to fuel, MAZ does not adversely affect the regulated physical and chemical properties of the fuel, hence according to Worldwide Fuel Charter rules; engine warranties should not be waived.


EPA Registered

All MAZ products are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the USA, thus such registration indicates that EPA is satisfied that MAZ does not cause harm to the environment and is allowed to be sold in the States.


Awards-Winning Technology


  •       “BlueTech Award Finalist 2017”for “Engine Detergency Enhancement Technology for All Automobile Fuels” presented by a panel of international experts organized by Clean Air Alliance of China (CAAC). The Award recognizes that MAZ is a breakthrough technology to prevent and control air pollution.
  •       NextGen Diesel, a diesel fuel formulated by Puma Energy using MAZ technology, won “Queensland Mining Award Finalist 2018”.
  •       China’s State Council announced in July 2018 to study the use of using “Detergency Enhancement Additive” (DEA) at source to upgrade fuel quality to meet the requirements of environmental protection. MAZ has been admitted to the NDRC National Catalogue for energy savings and low carbon technologies for priority promotion of DEA.


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